The geochemical surveys aim to help the development of projects of the Geology of Brazil Program (PGB), through exploration techniques by collecting active stream sediments (drainage) and analysing them by Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry – ICP-MS to about 70 chemical elements. This analytical method is highly sensitive and capable of simultaneous analysis of a range of metals at below the parts per a million level. In the same way, the sampling of pan concentrate allows the direct detection of heavy minerals, specially metallic, by mineralogical studies of the grains.

The processing of analytical data of the collected samples is presented as geochemical distribution maps that assist the geochemists in the interpretation, to define the geochemical anomalies from several analyzed chemical elements. The check and field assessment of the anomalies with the information from heavy minerals and the additional support of the geological and geophysical maps will allow to identify the source of the anomalies thus leading to the location of minerals occurrences.

João Henrique Larizzatti

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